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Germany’s IG BCE and chemical employers call for just transition

27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL’s German affiliate IG BCE has issued a joint policy paper with employer associations regarding the effects of the energy transition in Germany on the chemicals industry.

Apple’s new products increase pressure on Foxconn workers

27 septiembre, 2012On Monday clashes came across Foxconn's plant in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China. Reports indicate the 79,000 workers employed at the Foxconn plant in Taiyuan are not that thrilled with the newly released iPhone 5, being forced to work under increased pressure to meet Apple’s deadlines.

Tenaris claims low production to fire workers

27 septiembre, 2012Tenaris claims that there is low production in order to justify firing workers with high seniority and suffering illnesses.

Unions take action to STOP Precarious Work

27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL Global Union has called on affiliates to take action around 7 October to STOP Precarious employment. Affiliates in Croatia, Germany, Switzerland Japan and many more have shared their upcoming actions with IndustriALL.


27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work


27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP precarious Work


27 septiembre, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

Gerdau continues firing workers in Colombia

27 septiembre, 2012Sintrametal and the Gerdau Workers’ World Council met with ministers and members of the government last week.

Unions want justice at Grupo Mexico

26 septiembre, 2012On 18 September unions took action in Mexico, Peru and the USA demanding that Grupo Mexico respect workers and unions at all of it’s operations.

Egyptian Schlumberger union launches website

25 septiembre, 2012Embattled workers at oilfield services company Schlumberger in Egypt have struggled to exercise their right to organize since April 2011, in face of strong union-busting by management. In spite of considerable obstacles the enterprise-level union has just launched its own website and continues to push for workers’ rights.