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OECD debates labour issues in shipbuilding

23 noviembre, 2023At a meeting at its Paris headquarters on 21 November, the OECD Shipbuilding Committee (WP6) held a workshop on labour issues in the shipbuilding industry. IndustriALL Global Union and IndustriAll Europe shared the perspective of trade unions, while workers’ representatives from Japan, Norway, South Korea and Spain also joined the meeting.

Uruguayan metal workers' union obtains shorter working week

23 noviembre, 2023In a major victory for the union, IndustriALL affiliate in Uruguay, National Union of Metal and Allied Workers (UNTMRA), has managed to obtain a reduction in working hours.

Strengthening youth organizing in Indonesia

23 noviembre, 2023IndustriALL Global Union Indonesia council has set up a national youth committee to strengthen the organizing of young workers.

Latin American workers look to using due diligence to defend their rights

17 noviembre, 2023IndustriALL affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean met in São Paulo, Brazil, on 7 November to discuss how to use due diligence to defend workers’ rights throughout the supply chain.

Unions protest police brutality against trade unionists in Nigeria

16 noviembre, 2023On 1 November, Joe Ajaero, Nigeria Labour Congress president, who is also the general secretary of the National Union of Electricity Employees, affiliated to IndustriALL, went to Imo State to meet workers and plan protests to curb wage theft after some workers have not been paid their wages for more than 20 months. During the meeting he was arrested by heavily armed police and taken into custody where he was blindfolded and beaten up.

Unions in Bangladesh demand revision of new minimum wage

16 noviembre, 2023Minimum wage protests in Dhaka continue as workers’ demand of a higher minimum wage remains unmet. Police has been violently breaking down the protests and to date four workers have been killed and several others seriously injured. Police has registered over 60 criminal cases, in which nearly a hundred workers have been arrested, including six local union leaders.

Poor wage offer escalates conflict in Austrian metal industry

15 noviembre, 2023Trade unions PRO-GE and GPA have extended the strikes in the Austrian metal industry after the latest round of negotiations on 13 November failed to produce results after 11 hours of talks.

FKMTU leader released on bail

15 noviembre, 2023The general secretary of Federation of Korean Metalworkers' Trade Unions (FKMTU), Kim Jun-yeong, was released on bail from Gwangju prison on 3 November, after being arrested during a sit-in protest earlier this year. His next hearing will be on 20 November.

Czech unions protest against government measures

15 noviembre, 2023Unions in the Czech Republic are getting ready to demonstrate on 27 November against proposed measures by the government which would reduce workers’ purchasing power.

Join the call to Make Amazon Pay!

13 noviembre, 2023For this year’s Black Friday on 24 November, the biggest retail sales day in the United States as well as in other parts of the world, IndustriALL is again joining the global call from Uni Global Union and others to Make Amazon Pay.