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IndustriALL sexual harassment policy

21 June, 2019IndustriALL Global Union Policy on Sexual Harassment in Meetings and Activities

Statement of Principles

Sexual harassment is a violation of human and trade union rights and dignity. IndustriALL Global Union is committed to provide a safe environment free of any form of sexual harassment during activities and meetings that it organizes, regardless of an individual’s gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, colour, nationality, age or religion.

Definitions and Unacceptable Behaviours

Sexual harassment is an unwanted, unwelcome and unasked-for verbal, non-verbal or bodily behaviour of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is a display of power which can intimidate, coerce or degrade another person.

Sexual harassment can include but is not limited to: Inappropriate touching; leering; making homophobic comments; making sexually suggestive signals; sending unwanted e-mails/ text messages of a sexual nature; physical assault; making sexual comments or innuendos; telling sexual jokes; making insults based on a person’s sex or rating their sexuality; requests for sexual favours; displaying pictures or other sexually explicit material

IndustriALL will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment during activities and meetings.

Reporting and Enforcement

Prior to the start of any IndustriALL activity or event or meeting, attendees will be informed of this policy, which will also be sent to them in advance.

In large IndustriALL activities and events or statutory meetings, a participant and a staff person to whom complaints may be directed will be identified for all attendees at the beginning of the meeting.

If an attendee is subject to what they believe to be unacceptable behaviour under this policy, or witnesses such behaviour, they should inform one of the designated persons immediately. If neither person is available, the attendee may inform any other IndustriALL staff person or member of the leadership, who will work with the designated person to respond to the complaint.

IndustriALL takes these complaints seriously and may, at its discretion, take action that it deems appropriate upon assessing the situation. This includes warning the offender or expulsion from the conference [with no refund]. Additionally, where appropriate, IndustriALL may inform the alleged offender’s affiliate.