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3-month extension to Bangladesh Transition Accord achieved

31 May, 2021Global unions and international fashion brands agree to a three-month extension of the commitments of the 2018 Transition Accord to allow negotiations to continue.

Ahead of the expiration of the 2018 Bangladesh Transition Accord next week, UNI Global Union, IndustriALL Global Union, and a negotiating committee representing leading fashion brands are  pleased to announce that they  have reached a tentative agreement to extend the current commitments of the 2018 Accord for three months as negotiations continue. This interim agreement must still be signed by the individual brands.

Says IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches:

“The Accord has played an outstanding role in preventing fatal accidents since its creation in 2013, and the work must continue. This three month extension is a very important commitment.

“It demonstrates that we will not allow the safety and health of the Bangladeshi garment workers to be jeopardized while we continue negotiating a successor agreement with the brands, preserving the achievements in Bangladesh and also expanding them to other countries.”