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Union building

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The five strategic goals adopted by congress guide all work done by IndustriALL.

Projects substantially increase our capacity to achieve our goals. A project is a contract between a trade union solidarity support organization and IndustriALL, where the support organization accepts to fund work we do in the regions according to specific objectives and indicators.

The objectives and indicators will always be aligned with our strategic goals, but are also influenced by demands from our participating affiliates, strategic thinking by IndustriALL regions and head office and certain restrictions from the support organization. Objectives and indicators in a project are always developed in cooperation between IndustriALL, participating affiliates, unions in the country of the support organization and the support organization itself.

In 2018 we had a total of 43 projects funded by support organizations in Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark and active and supportive unions in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Canada, France, Belgium and Norway. Twenty-five of the projects are so called logical framework approach projects, which are comprehensive projects with many activities in one or several countries.  We have 14 projects with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, which focus on one or a few international activities such as company networks, specific sectors or themes.

Projects mainly focus on building union power, but we also work on fighting precarious work, confronting global capital and defending workers’ rights. Gender is mainstreamed throughout our project work. Projects offer invaluable support, particularly for the work of our regional offices with local affiliates.

Project activities are mainly conducted by staff in the regional offices and by the project coordinators we have hired through project funding. In total we have 37 project coordinators, most of whom are contracted by IndustriALL for the duration of a project cycle. All projects are planned and supervised by the regional offices and project officers or industry directors in Geneva to make sure the objectives and indicators are aligned to our strategic goals and that activities bring strength to our affiliates in the countries involved.

The activities focus on important issues such as organizing, collective bargaining, social dialogue, gender, financial structures, youth, precarious work, unity, health and safety, the active use of global framework agreements, supply chains and more. Capacity building is central to our project work. We capacitate both individuals in our affiliates and the affiliates themselves. When they receive training, they become able to share new knowledge with colleagues and use it in their day to day work for their members.

Contact person:

Kurt (Fons) Vannieuwenhuyse
Director, Projects
tel. +32 47 318 6770