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IndustriALL is committed to advocating for the rights and inclusion of LGBTQI+ workers. Recognizing the diverse challenges they face, we strive to create safe and respectful workplaces globally no matter the gender identity or sexual orientation of workers.

Our focus is on facilitating dialogue and building networks that share best practices and resources, ensuring LGBTQI+ voices are amplified and heard. We embrace intersectionality and decolonization approaches to understand and combat the multiple forms of discrimination affecting LGBTQI+ communities.

By working collaboratively with unions worldwide, IndustriALL aims to foster a more inclusive and representative movement where every worker is respected and valued.

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In a step forward for workplace equality and safety, Global Union Federations (GUFs) have launched a comprehensive Toolkit for LGBTQI+ workers.

Facilitator guide 
Participant workbook 

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These testimonials are more than just stories; they are windows into the lives of those who have navigated their workplaces while embracing their true identities. Each video in this series offers a unique perspective, shedding light on the challenges, triumphs, and diverse experiences of LGBTQI+ workers.

Listen closely to these voices. They speak of resilience in the face of discrimination, the pursuit of equality in the workplace, and the unyielding spirit of solidarity that unites workers around the world. Their stories are not just about being LGBTQI+; they're about being human in a world of work that is constantly evolving.



LGBTI Workers a valuable resource

The LGBTI Workers website shares the work of the Global Union Federations in promoting LGBTI+ rights at work at national, regional and international levels. On the website, affiliated unions can share their work onpromoting LGBTI rights at work across the world. The website also provides a dedicated space (forum) where trade union members all over the world can discuss LGBTI issues, and what they and their unions are doing to build a more tolerant and discrimination-free world.