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“A great humanitarian tragedy”

9 March, 2022On Tuesday, IndustriALL met with Ukrainian trade union representatives to hear about the situation on the ground. IndustriALL’s affiliated unions and their members are fighting for their lives and are in urgent need of solidarity and financial support.

"It's a very cold winter. Food is running out. This is a great humanitarian tragedy,” one trade union leader.
Due to the difficult conditions, only half the affiliates were able to join the meeting. Those who were able to join appealed for help for people who are in grave danger from the Russian invasion, staying in shelters or fleeing. For people in beleaguered cities, life has come to a standstill without electricity or water.
The workers’ representatives explained the situation in different sectors and regions in great details. Only half of the country's companies are still working, and many struggle with supply problems. Many trade union members are now soldiers.
Nuclear workers raised the very real dangers caused by the Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and the occupation of the Chernobyl site.
IndustriALL president Jörg Hofmann reiterated IndustriALL’s solidarity pledge:

“We demand an immediate end to the war and the withdrawal of Russian troops. We will continue to help those affected and refugees with concrete solidarity in the form of donations and aid deliveries. We stand with Ukraine.”

As the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is worsening, there is a need for solidarity and financial assistance in all parts of the country. If you want to help, please make your donation, in euros to reduce transaction costs, to IndustriALL Global Union’s bank account.