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A trade union guide of practice for a Just Transition

13 October, 2022With the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, IndustriALL is publishing a trade union guide of practice for a Just Transition. The purpose of the guide is to support efforts by IndustriALL affiliates to plan, launch and win a strong Just Transition framework.

A trade union guide of practice for a Just transition

The guide outlines Just Transition on workers’ terms and emphasizes a Just Transition framework that, first and foremost, protects the livelihood of workers, now and in the future.

Each step outlines a bold, positive approach for society. Better paying jobs, secure work, strong social protection and investment in communities are all elements that ensure a society where you can expect fair payment for labour, strong rights on the job and an optimistic future for all who share clean air, water and food on a healthier planet, guided by social dialogue.

The first part discusses the realities of the economic and political status of Just Transition in 2022, bringing focus to the pitfalls and shortcomings in Just Transition efforts to date so union leaders and allies can be prepared for inevitable challenges that present themselves.

It also contains the results of a Just Transition global survey among IndustriALL affiliates, which reflects the full spectrum from IndustriALL’s affiliates across the globe.

The second part offers unions a broad set of steps to follow to structure a successful Just Transition effort. It contains concrete tools for implementation and monitoring, primarily for unions and allies but can also offer insights to country leaders and responsible company executives.

The Appendix provides specific language for Just Transition plans that can be used and adapted by unions in different countries.

“This guide of practice contains concrete steps for unions to launch and achieve a strong Just Transition framework. For a transition to be just, unions and workers must be involved, if they are not part of the discussions and decision-making process we talk about a simple transition, not a Just Transition for workers, their families and communities”

says Diana Junquera-Curiel, IndustriALL director of energy industry and Just Transition.