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9 October, 2015Albanian affiliates of IndustriALL Global Union took joint action to mark World Day for Decent Work. The action focussed specifically on the Beralb mining company following its mass suspension of operations costing 300 jobs.

The BSPSH (Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania) and SPMSH (Independent Trade Union of Miners of Albania) mobilized to STOP Precarious Work.

The head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Albania Gezim Kalaja protested in the region of Puka (Fush-Arrez) against "BERALB" Company’s decision to suspend 300 miners, and suspend work in all its mines.

To protect workers’ rights the President of SPMSH demanded the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement and not to suspend the workers.

The union demands are:

1. The continuation of the work and no suspension

2. Basic salary for each worker in case of suspension, throughout the suspension

3. Agreement with Beralb to return workers to their jobs when operations restart

The Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri has ordered Beralb to continue the work in all mines in the Puka region, which is the poorest region of all Albania and unemployment rate is very high.

The union says: “We will fight for decent work, for decent life, for decent salaries. After 10 days we will protest again if Beralb does not fulfill our demands!”

Write to Beralb to support the 300 miners of Puka (Fushe-Arrrez) in Albania at this email address [email protected]