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Albanian cement workers celebrate signing a collective agreement in Elbasan

29 July, 2021On 26 July, after three months of negotiations, the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Albania (SPMSH), an affiliate of IndustriALL Global Union, signed a collective labour agreement with management of the Elbasan Cement Factory.

The agreement considerably improves the working conditions and pay of all 560 cement workers at the factory in Elbasan district of Albania. The agreement is valid for two years.

The SPMSH president Gezim Kalaja who together with the shop steward Skender Ndregjoni signed the agreement from the union side, said:

“This victory is the result of the power of collective bargaining and the power of our trade union in Albania. By signing this collective bargaining agreement SPMSH tackles the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Gezim Kalaja emphasized some key elements of the collective agreement, including:

  • Salary increases for all employees, especially important during the pandemic.
  • Additional remuneration to employees upon their retirement.
  • Improved wording regarding the strict enforcement of occupational safety and health legislation in the factory.
  • Introduction of holiday pay and a 13th salary at the end of the year to all the employees of the Elbasan Cement Factory.

Elbasan Cement Factory’s major shareholder is the Lebanese transnational cement trading company Seament Holding via its Albanian subsidiary.