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REPAM president Gennady Fedynich detained again at Belarus border

27 May, 2012REPAM president Gennady Fedynich, union branch president Igor Komlik, and Praca-by.info editor Natalia Vereschagina were taken off the train at the Belarus-Luthuanian border on May 25. Customs officers took their money, laptop and modem for 'examination'. Fedynich was already detained in the same circumstances on February 21.

Unite fights to save IT jobs in the UK

26 May, 2012Unite the Union talks with Hewlett-Packard to safeguard 1,600 jobs under threat in its UK operations. Earlier, the union secured delayed compulsory lay-offs at IT services company CSC giving staff time to find alternative employment.

Win for metal industry agency workers in Germany

24 May, 2012IG Metall has built on its wage increase successes by agreeing additional bonuses for agency workers in the metal sector.

Metalworkers at Volvo and PK Cables reach pay agreement

23 May, 2012Workers at Volvo's plant in Curitiba, have ended their strike after winning the country's highest pay rise. Workers at PK Cables also won a benefits package.

ArcelorMittal workers in Kazakhstan take to the streets

22 May, 2012During tripartite negotiations the management of ArcelorMittal Temirtau (Kazakhstan) refused to implement a 30 per cent wage rise. On May 19 the workers took to the streets in an action which gathered over 3,000 people.

IG Metall secure 4.3 per cent pay rise

21 May, 2012IG Metall reached an agreement for metalworkers in Baden-Württemberg on May 19, paving the way for a 4.3 per cent wage increase in its manufacturing sectors across the country. The agreement also improved codetermination rights on regulating agency labour and job security for apprentices.

IndustriAll European trade union launched

17 May, 2012Three federations merge to become IndustriAll European trade union, demanding industrial growth and more jobs.

CAT member kidnapped, beaten and threatened with death in Puebla

17 May, 2012The Workers' Support Centre (Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador, CAT), an NGO that defends labour rights in Mexico, has been subjected to harassment since 2008. The IMF and human rights organisations are calling for the authorities to guarantee the lives of CAT members.

Serbian Branches of UGS Nezavisnost Merge Into Single Industry, Energy, Mine Union

16 May, 2012

Young Colombian Trade Unionists of ICEM, ITGLWF, IMF Connect

16 May, 2012