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Protesting helps

13 June, 1999Campaigns against violations of trade union rights have contributed to improve labour standards.

Review of World Summit <br>for Social Development

9 June, 1999The UN is preparing an evaluation of the implementation of the Copenhagen decisions and what additional actions to take.

"Eliminate all forms<br>of child labour"

9 June, 1999Carla Coletti made a strong contribution to the struggle for maternity protection and eliminination of child labour in her maiden speech at the ILO.

Week of action<br>in support of strike

9 June, 1999In June, 21-27 trade unions worldwide are mobilising their members in support of the striking workers at Continental General Tire in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

"Withdraw the arrest warrants!"

8 June, 1999Marcello Malentacchi has written to the Korean President with two urgent requests.

Workshop discusses<br>radioactive steel scrap

7 June, 1999The goals set by the organisers were to identify the scale of the problem and assess the effectiveness of current regulations.

Carla Coletti<br>elected to the ILO

7 June, 1999This week, the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation, ILO, has been elected.

Awards to unions in Belarus

6 June, 1999Many guests from countries in the former Soviet Union attended the Swedish Metalworkers' Union Congress. Two unions from Belarus received awards.

New round of strikes<br>in Korea

6 June, 1999Another round of general strikes is being organised during the month of June.

Dismissals<br>in aluminium sector

6 June, 1999Approximately 4,300 workers are to be laid off by Corporación Venezolana de Guayana.