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Women in manufacturing face fourth largest pay gap

8 March, 2012A new report from ITUC reveals that the average gender pay gap of 18 per cent remains unchanged for 10 years, with women workers in manufacturing facing, on average, the fourth largest gender pay gap.

Daimler unions in solidarity for global union rights

24 February, 2012At the Daimler World Employee Committee (WEC) meeting in February members reported on the situation and developments in their country and expressed solidarity with UAW's efforts to establish union representation in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa.

Strike against labour brokers in South Africa

8 March, 2012More than 200,000 workers dressed in yellow and red took to the streets in 32 city centres in South Africa in an extraordinary show of worker power against labour brokers.

Save our steel jobs so we can save our industry

19 October, 2011The International Metalworkers Federation is calling on Government and business leaders to back steel industry workers to ensure future success. The call comes amidst a number of high profile companies announcing closures or job losses that could undermine the future sustainability of the steel industry. Recent announcements have included 1,300 job losses at BlueScope Steel in Australia, the permanent closure at Liege (Belgium) and the idled blast furnaces in Florange (France) and Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) by ArcelorMittal.

ILO meeting on agencies exposes abuses, no consensus reached

20 October, 2011At the ILO Global Dialogue Forum on private employment agencies, unions put on record their experiences of employment through agencies being used to drive down wages and prevent agency workers from joining a union and bargaining collectively.

Unions in Zimbabwe fight for decent work

20 October, 2011Miriam Chipunza, NEWU, Zimbabwe, talks about her union's participation in the global action of the World Day of Decent Work and the importance of decent wages for workers in Zimbabwe.

Global Unions tell G20 to focus on jobs

25 October, 2011In a statement to the G20 leaders meeting in Cannes on November 3-4 the Global Unions assert that good jobs are the only successful recipe for recovery and sustainable growth, that employment creation must be placed at the centre of macro-economic policies and fiscal policy adjusted to support growth and employment creation.

US Steel Canadian Lockout Ends

25 October, 2011By a 61% vote on October15, members of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 1005 in Hamilton, Ontario, ended U.S. Steel's chokehold on the livelihoods of 900 Canadian workers. Union members accepted a three-year labour agreement that ended a 49-week lockout at the steel mill.

Deteriorating union rights situation in Bahrain

26 October, 2011In a statement the on October 17 the Global Unions urge the government of Bahrain to respect fundamental human and trade union rights, and demand that workers wrongfully dismissed are unconditionally reinstated, criminal charges dropped and legal reforms repealed.

IMF inspires young Russian union activists

16 April, 2012IMF representative Vadim Borisov discussed workers' actions across the globe with young union activists in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Mining and Metallurgical Workers Union of Russia (MMWU) organized two events in Chelyabinsk, one for young union leaders and the other for the activists at Mechel, leading Russian metal company.