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Court declines to rule Benteler strike illegal in Russia

19 April, 2012On April 11 the regional court in Kaluga, Russia, closed the case on the legality of Benteler strike. A successful strike at the Volkswagen supplier company opened a collective bargaining process. However, negotiations are stalled, as Benteler management tries to force the union to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

IMF demands reinstatement of 204 sacked workers at auto supplier company in Indonesia

17 April, 2012IMF demands reinstatement of 204 workers at an automotive supplier company, PT. Surya Gemilang Perkasa, in Indonesia, dismissed for taking legitimate strike action on March 27 held after the company failed to implement court order to grant permanent employment.

Protestors call for better working conditions and environmental improvements at Vale

19 April, 2012Trade union and social movement leaders protest outside the offices of the Vale mining company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They denounced the company's attitude to the environment and human rights and, after the death of two workers in Columbia, the lack of safety at the company's plants.

Spanish unions outraged at increase in union repression

2 May, 2012The Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) are outraged at the increase in arrests of trade unionists after the general strike on March 29, 2012.

Unionizing throughout Alcoa

7 May, 2012Bringing together Alcoa's global union network the day before the company's annual shareholders' meeting paid dividends for workers. Alcoa's Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld met with union leaders and committed to improving dialogue with unions including the global network.

Asbestos lobbying group dissolved in Canada

14 May, 2012The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) reports that the Chrysotile Institute, a pro-asbestos lobby group, funded by Canadian Government will stop its operation.

UOM demands pay rise

15 May, 2012The Argentinean metalworkers' union organises a 24 hour strike in support of its demands for a pay rise.

Young precarious workers tell their stories in Italy

11 May, 2012Who are precarious workers? What are their living and working conditions? What is their future? A new project recently launched in Italy is aimed to answer these questions though listening to the stories of young people.

Young workers pay highest price for the crisis

14 May, 2012In 2011 more and more young people took to the streets in Europe as they realised that they are the number one victims of the crisis. After the financial crisis hit in 2008 the result has been the worst in 30 years. The result in Europe is not only an economic crisis but a far-reaching social crisis.

Unite fights to save IT jobs in the UK

26 May, 2012Unite the Union talks with Hewlett-Packard to safeguard 1,600 jobs under threat in its UK operations. Earlier, the union secured delayed compulsory lay-offs at IT services company CSC giving staff time to find alternative employment.