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REPAM president Gennady Fedynich detained again at Belarus border

27 May, 2012REPAM president Gennady Fedynich, union branch president Igor Komlik, and Praca-by.info editor Natalia Vereschagina were taken off the train at the Belarus-Luthuanian border on May 25. Customs officers took their money, laptop and modem for 'examination'. Fedynich was already detained in the same circumstances on February 21.

Unprecedented attack on workers' rights at ILO

5 June, 2012For the first time in the history of the International Labour Organization, the employers' group blocked discussion on June 4 on some of the worst cases of workers' rights violations at the annual ILO conference in Geneva.

Metalworkers in Asia Pacific discuss unity and diversity

4 June, 2012Metalworkers from Asia and the Pacific countries met in Kaohsiung, TAIWAN-R.O.C to discuss the ongoing process to build stronger unity among affiliates of IMF, ICEM and ITGLWF in their respective countries before and after the creation of IndustriALL Global Union.

Annual survey of violations of trade union rights released

6 June, 2012Report finds that in 2011, at least 76 workers died directly as a result of their trade union activities - in addition to those killed during the repression of the Arab Spring protests.

Human rights heroes band together to form IndustriALL Global Union

14 June, 2012A new global union to fight for human rights of working people will be founded on June 19 in Copenhagen, Denmark.