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Second issue of Metal Asia Pacific OUT NOW

12 June, 2012The successful organizing of steel workers in India, the epic struggle of Hanjin workers and an interveiw with Koichiro Nishihara-san, President of IMF-JC and JAW, are all featured in the latest issue of Metal Asia-Pacific, produced by the IMF South Asia office.

ILO must act on living wages and against precarious work

11 June, 2012Addressing the plenary of the International Labour Conference, Said Iqbal, the leader of IMF affiliate FSPMI, proposed that the ILC take action to improve wages and reduce precarious work.

Support New LabourStart Campaign for Iraqi Oil Workers

7 June, 2012The abuse of basic labour rights in Iraq, and the bravery of Iraqi workers to continue to organise under extreme pressure of aggressive employers supported by viciously anti-trade union legislation from the Saddam era is continuing.

Annual survey of violations of trade union rights released

6 June, 2012Report finds that in 2011, at least 76 workers died directly as a result of their trade union activities - in addition to those killed during the repression of the Arab Spring protests.

ICEM Women’s Bulletin: June 2012

5 June, 20121 - South Africa – ICEM SSARO Women’s Committee MeetsOn 8 February, the ICEM Sub Sahara Africa Region Organisation (SSARO) held its Women’s Committee in Johannesburg.

Rio Tinto poisons steel industry sustainability

5 June, 2012At the latest meeting of the OECD Steel Committee workers' representatives voiced concerns over the sustainability of the steel industry when major suppliers such as Rio Tinto continue to abuse workers' rights and ignore public warnings.

Unprecedented attack on workers' rights at ILO

5 June, 2012For the first time in the history of the International Labour Organization, the employers' group blocked discussion on June 4 on some of the worst cases of workers' rights violations at the annual ILO conference in Geneva.

Metalworkers in Asia Pacific discuss unity and diversity

4 June, 2012Metalworkers from Asia and the Pacific countries met in Kaohsiung, TAIWAN-R.O.C to discuss the ongoing process to build stronger unity among affiliates of IMF, ICEM and ITGLWF in their respective countries before and after the creation of IndustriALL Global Union.

Flex-N-Gate women demand respect for labour rights

3 June, 2012Dismissed women workers call on Volkswagen to intervene in their dispute with Flex-N-Gate. They are fighting to establish a democratic union. The IMF repudiates the company's refusal to recognise the freedom of association and criticises the heavy workloads and ill-treatment of workers.

IndustriALL Global Union flag on top of the world!

31 May, 2012Three weeks before its creation, the flag of IndustriALL Global Union was installed on Mount Everest by the courageous climber Dorje Khatri, member of the central committee of the Union of Trekking Travel Rafting and Airline Workers in Nepal.