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Strike ends at American Axle

4 June, 2008UAW members vote to ratify a new four-year agreement.

Korean shipyard workers fight for job safety

10 June, 2008Korean Metal Workers' Union expresses alarm at high level of fatalities in shipbuilding. IMF Shipbuilding Action Group to raise issue at the XVIII ILO World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

GM threatens plant closures

10 June, 2008Unions are protesting at the four locations in North America that face closure as GM cuts back on light truck production.

National strike in Italy on safety

16 June, 2008Three Italian metalworker unions to hold one hour strike on June 17 in support of implementing a new law on health and safety at work.

Unions angered by new EU rules on migration

23 June, 2008The EU adopts new rules on return of irregular migrants including tough clauses on detention and re-entry.

Workers die at shipyards in Philippines

25 June, 2008Three workers have died in the last two weeks at the shipyard at the Subic Bay in the Philippines. The IMF will raise issue of safety and health in shipbuilding at the forthcoming ILO World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

Australian unions continue fight for collective bargaining rights

25 June, 2008"Collective bargaining lifts pay and community standards" say Australian unions in new television advertisements.

New attack on trade union autonomy in Mexico

27 June, 2008The miners' union is to formally denounce the Secretary of Labour, Javier Lozano, to the Public Prosecutor's Office for not granting legal recognition to Napoleón Gómez as General Secretary.

In memoriam of brother Dyvadheenam

10 December, 2008After completing the age of 62 brother Dyvadheenam, former IMF representative for South Asia, passed away in India.


19 December, 2008Barack Obama's decisive victory as the next president of the United States inspired hope among working people both in America and abroad. In battleground states, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, more than 100,000 trade union volunteers took time off work to help convince Americans to vote for change.