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Brazilian metalworkers protest against Nissan

14 November, 2016Unions took to the auto show in São Paulo, Brazil, on 10 November to protest against Nissan’s anti-trade union practices and bad working conditions at their plant in Mississippi, USA.

“No to slavery at Nissan!” sang a choir of 150 workers protesting at the opening of the Motor Show on 10 November in São Paulo, Brazil.

Wearing black T-shirts with the slogan “Nissan plays dirty”, metalworkers attended the show to denounce the anti-trade union practices and bad working conditions at Nissan’s plant in Mississippi, USA.

The protest was planned and organized by metalworkers of the United Auto Workers (UAW) in the US and supported by metalworkers in the CUT, Força Sindical and the UGT.

Although Nissan maintains a dialogue with workers in Brazil, we need to remember that the working class is international and we can only win this battle by acting together,

said Miguel Torres, president of the Força Sindical’s metalworkers’ confederation, the CNTM.

For more than ten years, management at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, have been intimidating workers who show an interest in joining the union. Many of the 5,000 factory workers at Nissan are on temporary contracts and safety conditions are a major concern.

"Solidarity is crucial when resisting these attacks, at a time when ultra-conservatives are trying to eliminate workers’ right in the world," said Maicon Michel, international relations coordinator of the CUT’s metalworkers’ confederation, the CNM.

Marino Vani, IndustriALL’s assistant regional secretary thanked the unions in Brazil for their solidarity and struggle.

Unfortunately, Nissan rejects dialogue and does not respect workers. We will continue to demonstrate and protest until they change their anti-trade union stance and recognize the value of workers, democracy and freedom of association.