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Brazilian unions defend their rights and national industry

29 November, 2016On 25 November, trade union centres in Brazil again took to the streets in a national day of action in defence of labour and social rights. Protests were held at company gates and factory workers stopped work for at least one hour.

Trade union centres in Brazil (Força Sindical, CUT, UGT, NCST, CTB, CGTB and CSP Conlutas) unanimously agreed to hold a national day of action on 25 November. They held demonstrations throughout the country on that day in defence of workers’ rights. Unions affiliated to IndustriALL also demonstrated in support of national industry.

They protested against the harm done to workers’ rights by pensions and labour reforms and called for the creation of new jobs and increased investment in health and education. They also defended women's rights and rejected violence against women at the workplace and in society in general.

In addition, unions affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union in the country, the CNM/CUT, CNTM/FS, CNQ/CUT and FEQUIMFAR/FS, joined forces to organize a demonstration in front of the National Economic and Social Development Bank offices in São Paulo.

Under the slogan “Protect local content” the unions called on the government to promote national production of vehicles, machinery and technologies and prevent excessive imports. They believe this will create millions of jobs and counter the enormous and increasing unemployment resulting from the economic crisis.

Marino Vani, IndustriALL’s assistant regional secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, said:

We welcome the unity of action of our affiliates as they strive to achieve their aims. At times of political and economic crisis, it is crucial to lead the way in the battle to build a fairer and more sustainable country.

An industrial policy that is backed by strong state intervention from state-owned banks is the only way to build a future that offers greater equality and opportunities.