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Cambodia: garment workers killed on their way to work

14 January, 2016Five people were killed and at least 68 more were injured when two trucks carrying workers collided in Cambodia's Kompong Spue province on 12 January.

Another deadly accident has hit garment workers going to work in Cambodia, with five people dead and 68 people injured, 13 of which in critical condition.
Road safety is a major concern in the country. According to Cambodia's National Security Fund, more than 7,000 garment workers were injured and 130 killed in 2015, when being transported to and from work.  
IndustriALL's textile and garment director Christina Hajagos-Clausen says that safe transport for workers are desperately needed:

It is unacceptable to run the risk of dying or becoming seriously injured when getting to work. There is a direct link between increased wages that the workers can live off and safe transportation. IndustriALL Global Union's affiliates in Cambodia are campaigning for an increase of the current minimum wage US$140 per month.

In December, IndustriALL held its Executive Committee in Phnom Penh as a show of support for the union's fight for a living wage.