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9 October, 2015IndustriALL affiliates, SMH-IS and EKN, took part in the Stop precarious work campaign activities together with their national confederation, SSSH.

This year SSSH launched the campaign called “Work is not a commodity!” asking for secure jobs for all workers. The unions ask that the employers and the government stop treating workers as a commodity or as slaves, as this is not a sustainable development of a society.

On 6 October they organized an international conference, within the campaign, where they have presented results of the research on precarious work in Croatia, Europe and internationally.

The participants were also presented positive examples of protection and representation of precarious workers in the UK Trade Union Confederation and Germany (DGB, confederation). Also results of the PRECARIR project (Institute for development and international relations) were presented.

SSSH provided guidelines for protection and organizing of precarious workers, with recommendations for actions that authorities, employers and unions should take to protect such workers.

SMH-IS and EKN will implement these guidelines as soon as they formally adopt them in their union bodies and will use them for strategic planning of their work.