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Effective implementation of GFAs in the garment industry

27 March, 2018IndustriALL organized series of workshops to train union organizers and workers to take advantage and ensure effective implementation of IndustriALL’s Global Framework Agreements (GFAs) with garment producers H&M, Inditex and Tchibo.

The workshops focused on strengthening industrial relations and social dialogue through effective implementation of GFAs in the garment supply chain.

This involved planning and evaluating the GFA implementation process, dispute settlement mechanisms and joint management and trade union workshop for creating awareness on GFAs and training of plant level union representatives towards effective use of various GFA provisions.

The National Monitoring Committee (NMC), implementation arm of the GFA with H&M discussed improvements and challenges in the existing process. Participants discussed setting up new mechanisms for effective use of GFA provisions to resolve workers issues at the shop floor, improve safety, working conditions and defend workers right to freedom of association and collective bargaining in the readymade garment supply chain.

Participants also reviewed ongoing union organizing initiatives and strategies to strengthen union density in garment industry. These workshops provide a unique platform for workers to understand institutional set up and dispute settlement process involved in GFAs and discuss plant level issues with management representatives.

Christina Hajagos-Clausen, IndustriALL garment director, says:

We are strengthening industrial relations and social dialogue in the garment industry and our GFAs are contributing to this process. We are working to tackle challenges and improve institutional mechanisms while creating awareness among workers and management on GFAs. With the active involvement of workers we are advancing towards further improvement in industrial relations and social dialogue.

Representatives from H&M and Inditex brands, the Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and garment company managements also participated.