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El Corte Ingles and BRAC pay into Tazreen fund

25 November, 2015The day after the third anniversary of the Tazreen garment factory fire in Bangladesh, the compensation fund for victims has received two significant donations.

Spanish department store, El Corte Ingles, will give US$100,000 to the fund, while the NGO, BRAC USA, has donated US$250,000.
IndustriALL Global Union and the Clean Clothes Campaign have been fighting hard to get compensation for victims.
Around 120 people were killed in the fire on 24 November 2012, while a further 300 workers were injured, many of them permanently.  
One year ago, IndustriALL Global Union together with the Clean Clothes Campaign, C&A and the C&A Foundation signed an agreement, brokered by the International Labour Organization, to set up the Tazreen Claims Administration Trust to make payments to victims for medical treatment, loss of income and loss of life from a dedicated fund.
In total there are now five donors to the fund. C&A Foundation and the Fung Foundation have both paid US$1,000,000. German discount retailer, KiK, has paid US$150,000.
Remembering the victims of the tragic fire three years ago, the IndustriALL Bangladesh Council organized a human chain in Dhaka, calling for an end to unacceptable working conditions in the country's garment industry.