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Enough is enough, Rio Tinto!

7 October, 2014As coordinated actions take place around the world on 7 October, a delegation from IndustriALL and Swiss affiliate UNIA met in Zurich to deliver the message of thousands of Rio Tinto workers around the world to stop violating workers’ rights and to ‘Clean up Rio Tinto’.

The delegation was stopped when attempting to deliver the message to Rio Tinto at their offices in Zurich. A representative from the mining giant made it clear that “the concerns must be addressed to the Rio Tinto Global Communications office in Montreal”.

IndustriALL Global Union Director for mining said:

“We are here to deliver a message to Rio Tinto on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work. We object to Rio Tinto’s use of precarious work."

Thousands of Rio Tinto employees across the world are demonstrating in defiance of this modern day slavery practice of employing precarious workers. We are here to tell Rio Tinto that enough is enough.

IndustriALL's campaign against Rio Tinto aims to build union power at Rio Tinto plants around the world, uniting workers in the struggle for decent work.

More information on global actions on the Rio Tinto campaign page next week.