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Ericsson global trade union network meets for the first time

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29 April, 2016Over 40 participants from 15 countries took part in the first meeting of the Ericsson global trade union network, organized by IndustriALL Global Union and UNI Global Union in Nyon, Switzerland on 26-27 April.

Ericsson, a leading ICT, Electronics multinational company, operates worldwide and employs more than 116,000 workers.

Representatives from twenty IndustriALL and UNI trade union affiliates exchanged information on union activities in each of the 15 countries.

The meeting also focused on the company’s policy on social responsibility, and participants actively discussed the implementation of human and workers’ rights such as the ILO’s core labour standards, which should be guaranteed in all facilities of the company.

The participants agreed on the network’s important work on information exchange and building coordination between Ericsson workers. As a result of the discussion, participants unanimously agreed to continue working towards a relationship with the company at an international level.

A draft strategic plan for the Ericsson trade union network was adopted at the meeting and it will be further developed by the working group which was selected by participants.