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11 September, 2012“Towards Clean, Safe and Sustainable Energy”

The annual IndustriALL INWUN (International Nuclear Workers’ Union Network) meeting was held in Ankara, Turkey on 31 October, 2012.

The meeting was opened by Brother Mustafa Kumlu, President of Tes-is (Turkish Electricity Workers’ Union), Brother Kemal Ozkan, Assistant General Secretary of IndustriALL and David Shier, Chairperson of INWUN. 52 participants from 26 unions of 17 countries joined the discussion on changes of energy policy, electricity energy markets and union challenges. The theme was ‘clean, safe and sustainable energy’.

President Mustafa Kumlu congratulated the launch of IndustriALL,

Affiliates in Turkey appreciate the rapid response of IndustriALL on defending trade union rights. With unified strength of unions, we are more confident in mobilizing union power for the campaigns against austerity measures and casualization by globalization.

The annual INWUN meeting exchanged updates of information on nuclear energy policy and safety measures, CBAs, solidarity actions through individual country reports from 11 unions representing nuclear power station workers, uranium miners, and staff employed along the nuclear supply chain, including fuel conversion and enrichment processes.

The session on on-going recovery works and the plan for the future at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima heard a presentation from General Secretary Uchida of Denryoku Soren the Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Workers’ Union of Japan. All the devoted work and sacrifice by workers at the site of the nuclear power plant was highly appreciated and a plan for the next INWUN meeting to be held in Japan was recommended. Participants adopted a recommendation stating:

Nuclear power stations around the world shall be operated and maintained to internationally accepted standards, such as those available from IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), and WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators). We further support the timely refurbishment of such plants, and the free exchange of operational, engineering, and maintenance information, to support continued safe operation. We do this to ensure the health and safety of the workers, the communities they live in, and the environment in general. We would encourage all jurisdictions to participate as outlined above.