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Farmindustria union in Peru signs first collective bargaining agreement

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13 October, 2021After a 30-day strike, workers at Farmaindustria-Abbott International in Peru signed their first collective bargaining agreement on 4 October, achieving economic and social benefits as well as major improvements in working conditions for all.

In the last meeting between the union and the company at the Department of Labour, the company committed to evaluate proposals for an agreement which would benefit workers and the strike was halted.

The collective bargaining agreement valid for two years was signed on 4 October. Although a wage increase was not directly included in the agreement, given that the company had already raised wages for the two years, workers attained other benefits. The company showed itself open to various items which benefit workers.

The union’s advisor Gilmer Ibáñez Melendrez, general secretary of FETRIMAP-CGTP, played a crucial role in reaching the agreement. 

During the strike, the union was supported by unions affiliated to the Manufacturing and Related Services Workers Federation of Peru (FETRIMAP-CGTP), the General Workers Confederation of Peru (CGTP) and IndustriALL Global Union. FETRIMAP-CGTP unions carried out a fundrqising campaign to cover the strikers' expenses.

The union, which has 67 affiliates at the company with more than 1200 workers, thanked the 43 union branches of FETRIMAP, CGTP, IndustriALL Global Union and FNV for their support and solidarity.

FETRIMAP CGTP's secretary of economy and finance Julián Alfaro, said:

“The effort of the workers of Farmindustria-Abbott has paid off. This is their first collective bargaining agreement, which improves their working conditions. I salute and congratulate the collective bargaining team, Gilmer Ibañez Melendrez and all the members of the union of Farmindustria workers for this achievement. Without a fight, there are no victories.”