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Final ICEM Congress rubber stamps new union

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19 June, 2012Minutes after the IMF congress’ decision, the sixth and final congress of the ICEM, meeting today in Copenhagen, Denmark, confirmed the new organization IndustriALL Global Union.

Under the guidance of President Senzeni Zokwana, who chaired the congress, 640 delegates unanimously backed the proposed Statutes of IndustriALL Global Union, a new force uniting energy, mining and manufacturing workers.

“This may seem to be the end,” said President Senzeni, “but it is only the beginning, we must remain committed.”

Congress paid special tribute to ICEM General Secretary Manfred Warda, noting his considerable contribution to the organization.  Affiliates and staff presented Manfred with a plaque and stood to give a long and noisy applause.

“It was my privilege to work with Senzeni, Executive Committee members, the staff, and all of you. It made our job very easy, as all ICEM affiliates were always so ready to come forward in solidarity when workers came under attack.

“Thank you all very much for giving me the privilege of working with you.  I feel very confident that the future of IndustriALL will be a good one.  Thank you.”

Manfred reported to the ICEM Congress the hotspots of action since the last congress in Buenos Aires in November 2011, namely in Colombia, Mexico and Indonesia, in efforts for new labour legislation in Turkey, and for striking miners in Spain, in Iraq, and Palestine, to name a few.