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Georgian miners' win

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3 July, 2023An 18-day industrial action in Georgia's mining sector in the town of Chiatura has ended with important achievements as the employer agreed to the workers’ key demands, one of which was a twelve per cent salary increase in line with inflation in the country.

In June, the company announced that the workers needed to mine 40 per cent more ore over shorter shifts. Not only would this result in a real-time cut in salaries, but the demands would be impossible to meet.
Calling the demands inhumane, the miners took industrial action on 8 June. A group of miners travelled to Georgia’s capital Tiblisi, protesting outside the Parliament building.
A solution was negotiated and the miners went back to work on 1 July. The company agreed to provide paid holidays and sick leave. In addition, they promised to reimburse strike days at 60 per cent and to improve safety conditions in the mines.
A commission consisting of representatives of the company, workers, trade unions, and government officials will also be set up to decide on a range of other complaints, including improving health insurance, better safety equipment, and deferring bank loans for employees.
“IndustriALL affiliate, Trade Union of Metallurgy, Mining and Chemical Industry Workers of Georgia, was central in finding a solution for workers,”

says IndustriALL assistant general secretary Kemal Özkan.

“We support their work, which resulted in ending the industrial action in a way that benefit the workers. We congratulate the workers for their resistance and successful result.”