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German government commits to ratifying the Hong Kong Convention

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9 October, 2015Responding to the demand of IG Metall, Germany’s Maritime Coordinator of the Federal Government commits to achieving the swift ratification of the Hong Kong Convention.

The IG Metall Coastal Region called for action from the German government in September 2015. The demand was made by regional secretary Meinhard Geiken in a high profile handover of demands on a large placard, flanked by shipyard workers in Hamburg.

The Parliamentary State Secretary Uwe Beckmeyer responded in a letter:

Ratification of the Hong Kong Agreement

Dear Mr. Geiken,

The establishment of a reliable set of rules and regulations for sound environmentally friendly shipbreaking establishments is our common goal.

I agree with your assessment of the situation that the Hong Kong Convention must quickly be ratified and materialized.  The EU regulation on Shipbreaking of Sea vessels is a primary and important step. Indeed, we need to improve global environment and security standards on working conditions in shipbreaking yards, especially in Asia.

I have transmitted your remark to the person responsible at the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure of Germany. Since an agreement on the ratification of the Section 59GG is still to be made, it is still difficult to foresee the exact moment of its implementation. I am committed to ensuring the quick and good progress of these proceedings.