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Getting ready for industry 4.0

3 November, 2022On 25 October IndustriALL’s affiliates, in various sectors, discussed challenges and opportunities of digitization and industry 4.0. The meeting was attended by over 160 representatives from 40 countries. 

Kan Matsuzaki, IndustriALL assistant general secretary, opened the meeting, saying

“We are indentifying our status regarding the trends of industry 4.0, to confirm our progress, and to propose the next steps of our activities including the creation of an expert group that will develop tools and technologies to assist affiliates through this transition.”

Participants discussed the research report that was presented by, Syndex, IndustriALL’s research partner. Affiliate’s engagements developed a variety of content and methods. 

Delegates expressed their uncertainty about how to tackle changes and to ensure that workers are protected. Additionally, there is trepidation about the future of jobs. Affiliates voiced the need for collaboration to develop skills and tools to guide trade unions and workers through the already visible transition, although speed varies from country to country and company to company.

Challenges are identical, globally. It is important to develop tools and techniques to ensure that trade unions have a seat at the table to discuss workplace changes and be capable of shaping the changes to suit trade unions and workers’ demands and needs.

IndustriALL’s director of mechanical engineering, Matthias Hartwich, said

“We must embrace changes that comes with digitalization. Simply trying to stick to that what we have will not do. Once new technology and changing production and service patterns are visible we need to try to make the best of them for workers. Securing jobs, re- and upskilling will be key to a just transition that keeps trade unions and workers on board. Trade unions play a pivotal role in piloting workers through this process.” 

In this context, participants also discussed existing tools, presentations and research reports that IndustriALL provides for its affiliates: More information can be found here:  Industry 4.0 | IndustriALL (industriall-union.org)

In closing, Kan Matsuzaki called affiliates to

“Come together, send your experts in and then let us develop strategies and tools within the framework of the Strategic Goals as decided in our 2021 congress. We all have a duty and task to offer guidance for affiliates. I am positive that we can make a change here and prove that IndustriALL is a strong and reliable partner when it comes to achieve a Just Transition for all workers.”