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Global call for climate action on 27 September

19 September, 2019IndustriALL Global Union is calling on affiliates to take action on 27 September as part of the worldwide movement to combat climate change.

A global week of climate action has been declared for 20-27 September 2019. These dates bracket an important United Nations summit on climate change.

IndustriALL’s general secretary, Valter Sanches, says:

“IndustriALL Global Union has fought for a Just Transition to a sustainable future for many years. It is time to make our point most strongly, again. Our futures, and those of our children, depend on it.”

IndustriALL affiliates are encouraged to undertake their own initiatives on 27 September, or to integrate their actions with other unions and/or their national centres.

What can affiliates do?

  • Publicly express strong support for the Paris Agreement of COP21, and the Silesia Declaration on Just Transition of COP24
  • Demand comprehensive Just Transition programmes to reach a sustainable future while leaving no worker behind
  • Put pressure on companies responsible for global warming to pay for remediation and the Just Transition for workers and communities
  • Put pressure on politicians to define sustainable industrial policies that put the public interest first; and on business people to urgently take action to cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Demand that politicians define the specific and concrete steps that will be taken to address climate change. The areas that need urgent attention are energy, transportation, buildings, and finance. 

A list of some of the events being organized during the week of action can be found here https://globalclimatestrike.net/#join  - please join us, or organize you own!

“The climate crisis is real, it is urgent, and it is a threat to working people and communities. The crisis has social and economic dimensions not just environmental ones. The bridge to a sustainable future and a stable climate is a Just Transition that protects workers, their families, and the communities that depend on them,” says Valter Sanches.

Please send news of your actions and photos to [email protected]