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Global solidarity of Sanofi trade unions

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21 December, 2021The strong international network of unions of Sanofi employees from over 30 countries continues working together to build unity and solidarity at the global pharmaceuticals company.

The latest global meeting of the IndustriALL network was conducted on 16 December. The group analyses the company’s operations, plans, and policies and develops joint responses.

The IndustriALL Sanofi Network exists at the global and regional levels, with three regional structures existing in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The Chair at European and global levels is Aline Eysseric of the FCE-CFDT in France, the company’s home country.

On 16 December the network decided to call on the company’s management to conduct dialogue with the global union group, in order to address a number of priority issues, and to hold information sessions on the important restructuring, new strategy rollout and new global HR Guidelines of the company.

Sanofi’s restructuring and relocations of operations have affected hundreds of union employees over the past two years, at a time of very successful business performance and high returns to shareholders.

A number of flashpoints for Sanofi unions currently include: the Indonesian IndustriALL FARKES decries their management taking advantage of weaker labour laws to cut severance pay; Pakistani affiliates were shocked to learn that the company plans to pull out of the country; European unions have been particularly affected by the major restructuring programs of the company and have concerns including around transparency and work life balance; Bangladeshi unions are still campaigning for a fair settlement for 52 employees affected by the company’s sale of operations to Beximco; and other union issues were reported from Canada, Turkey and Latin America.

Tom Grinter from the IndustriALL Secretariat, together with Network Chair Aline Eyserric are clear on the way to address the raft of challenges:

“Dialogue at the international level between our representative network and the headquarters management will provide the space to deal with all grievances. Both the company and the unions need this dialogue mechanism to support the maneuvering through of the pandemic and current historic period for the company and its employees. We expect the company to engage.”