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Government in Tunisia cedes to union pressure

13 December, 2012Following a series of mobilizations and a two-day meeting with the representatives of the Government the national trade union center of Tunisia, UGTT, decided to revoke the strike announced for 13 December.

In reply to the violent attacks against UGTT, a number of protest actions and strikes took place and were held in the lead up to a planned all-national strike announced by UGTT for 13 December.  

Thanks to national and international pressure the Government agreed to a series of meetings to reach a compromise with UGTT in a bid to avoid the strike. The parties met on 11 and 12 December where one of the main demands of UGTT was dissolution of the leagues of protection of revolution was considered. The UGTT is concerned that these bodies, installed by the ruling party all over the country, have during recent months acted under its orders and jointly with militia attacked in full impunity all those who put forward alternative views.

At the meeting the Government has agreed to form within one month a joint commission to investigate the violent attacks on UGTT that took place on 4 December. Based on the results of the investigation a report will be submitted to the Government and measures will be taken in accordance with the Tunisian legislation.

The Government agreed on the fact of the attacks against UGTT and agreed to assumes its responsibilities in this regard. A judicial procedure will be initiated against the persons and parties that participated in the attacks.

Following the negotiations with Government, the UGTT delegation presented its results to the union Executive board where the decision was taken to revoke the all-national strike. A press-conference to officially announce the results of the negotiations and the decision not to hold the strike was held on 13 December.