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Hankook continues to violate union rights in Hungary

5 August, 2014Since the start of its Hungarian operations, leading Korean tire maker Hankook has been relentless in its union busting.

The firing of the local union president became the last violation in a series of totally unusual and extraordinary examples of the bad industrial relations practice for years exercised by the Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. management.

On 4 August 400 activists representing over 60 Hungarian trade unions joined together in front of the company premises in a major protest against outrageous action engaged by Hankook.

The IndustriALL Global Union's Hungarian affiliate Federation of the Chemical, Energy and General Workers’ Union (VDSZ) outraged by the injustice from Hankook Tire has called for a joint protest culminated with a spectacular demonstration of solidarity from different national unions in front of the gate entry of the company and messages of support from abroad.

In his letter to Hankook Tire Company Limited Director and CEO, IndustriALL general secretary Jyrki Raina, said:  “I urge you to use your influence over the local management of Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. to put an end to violations of trade union rights, and most particularly to stop harassing and firing local union leaders. It is imperative that Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. reinstate, without delay, the unlawfully fired local union president, and sit down with VDSZ to achieve a just agreement and restore fair labour relations in the company.”

The IndustriALL also conveyed a message of solidarity to the VDSZ President Tamas Szekely and union members, in which Jyrki Raina said that "IndustriALL Global Union stands firm in solidarity with VDSZ in their struggle to achieve a just solution to this flagrant violation of workers’ rights".

"IndustriALL Global Union is prepared to further assist you to ensure that the management at Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. comes to the negotiating table and acts in full compliance with national labor law and international core labor standards," further added Raina.