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Help the humanitarian relief effort in Savar

2 May, 2013Please make a financial contribution to the relief efforts of the killed and injured garment workers of the Rana Plaza industrial homicide via a new dedicated bank account set up by the IndustriALL Bangladesh Council.

IndustriALL’s affiliates and supporters can make solidarity contributions for the humanitarian relief effort for victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy through the bank details below. The account has been expressly set up by the IndustriALL Bangladesh Council, through which all affiliates in the country coordinate their joint work. This follows numerous requests received by IndustriALL from those wanting to provide support to the victims and their families of the Rana Plaza industrial homicide.

The IndustriALL Bangladesh Council reports that the conditions on the ground and of the injured workers are beyond belief, as unions and NGOs participate in the effort to supply drinking water, food and medical care in extreme circumstances.

While urgently required, this humanitarian relief does not and will not remove the need for the Western apparel brands, local employers and Bangladeshi government to provide compensation to the over 427 dead and 2,500 injured and their families.

IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Jyrki Raina told Al Jazeera on 31 April that “There is blood on these cheap t-shirts and it is time for change now”.

Raina told Al Jazeera:

This latest tragedy just illustrates the completely unsustainable business model that the international brands and retailers have been driving in Bangladesh based on extreme exploitation of workers, wages of US$38 a month, long working hours, lack of freedom of association, and over 1,000 workers who have died in factory fires and collapses during the past seven years.

IndustriALL Global Union will continue to fight for the payment of compensation for the affected workers, as in the cases of the recent Tazreen Fashion and Smart Fashion disasters. But it will also continue to fight for proper trade union rights in the Bangladeshi garment industry to empower organized workers to force improvements in safety, conditions and wages.

In May Day marches in Geneva, India and Uruguay IndustriALL rallied behind the call for justice for the over 427 murdered garment workers in Savar, Bangladesh. The May Day march in Dhaka combined mourning and anger, after garment workers took strike action last week demanding improvements in safety and justice for those directly responsible for the Rana Plaza collapse.

The bank details for solidarity contributions:

Account name: IndustriALL Bangladesh Council
Account number: 0010-0210020054
Bank name: NCC Bank Ltd.
Branch name: DHANMONDI
Email: [email protected]

Address of the Bank

National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.
Dhanmondi Branch
Quality Center (1st Floor), 744 Satmasjid Road,
Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209, BANGLADESH

Address of the Account Holder

IndustriALL Bangladesh Council
House # 20, Road# 11, (Old) 32,
Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209, BANGLADESH