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IndustriALL and ASOS join forces for the recovery of the global garment industry

23 February, 2021IndustriALL and online fashion retailer ASOS are renewing their commitment to work together, alongside relevant global and national stakeholders, to support the economic and social recovery of the global garment industry through the Covid-19 crisis.

In a move to minimize the impacts of the global Covid-19 crisis on the garment industry, IndustriALL and ASOS now reaffirm and strengthen their commitments to work together with suppliers through a joint statement with number of actions.

Cooperation has been integral to supporting the global garment manufacturing industry since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. For ASOS and IndustriALL, this collaboration has taken place both bilaterally and in multi-stakeholder initiatives, on both a global and a national level, like the multi-stakeholder initiative of the International Labour Organization Call to Action in the Global Garment Industry (CtA).

Through a new statement signed in February 2021, ASOS and IndustriALL express their commitment to contribute to the economic recovery of the garment industry and the security of workers.

Among other things, the action points in the statement aim to:

  • strengthen and promote the respect of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights along ASOS’ supply chains
  • promote social dialogue at all levels as the main way to solve conflicts
  • reaffirm the commitments made since the beginning of the pandemic for stable payment terms in order to support employers’ cash flow and thus provide stability and predictability for workers
  • work proactively with suppliers and unions to rectify and reverse effects of unfair and unlawful actions by any of the relevant social partners in ASOS’ supply chain
  • work jointly with governments and business organizations in ASOS’ sourcing markets to promote their engagement under the CtA

“This joint statement with clear points of action is an important step in the recovery plan for the global garment industry. It expresses the mutual commitment for respect of unions, while protecting jobs and income of workers along the supply chain.

“We also call on other international and national stakeholders to commit to this goal and contribute to the global economic and social recovery,”

says IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches.

“Freedom of association, collective bargaining, and strengthened industrial relations are fundamental enablers of improved conditions for workers in the global supply chain. We’re proud to be renewing our partnership with IndustriALL Global Union and reiterating our long-term commitment to work together to contribute to the security of garment workers around the world,”

says ASOS CEO, Nick Beighton.

The statement builds on a long-standing partnership between ASOS and IndustriALL, established through the Global Framework Agreement signed in 2017.