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IndustriALL and Safran renew global framework agreement on CSR

4 December, 2023The renewed agreement on corporate social responsibility (CSR) reinforces commitments taken in 2017. It applies to all Safran companies in all countries where the Group operates, influences its supply chain and takes account of the societal and environmental changes that have occurred in recent years, in accordance with local cultural, social and economic factors.

Under the renewed agreement, aerospace company Safran will:

  • Integrate its CSR policy into a negotiated framework, in accordance with international labor conventions.
  • Recall Safran's ambitious commitments in the fight against climate change and environmental protection.
  • Continue to deploy its human resources policy, which values its employees and their skills, and provide a positive work environment that promotes employee wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Reiterate its commitments to ethical business conduct with both customers and suppliers.
  • Uphold and respect the principles of collective bargaining and employees’ fundamental labor rights, in particular the right to freedom of association, i.e. joining organizations that represent them, such as trade unions.

Olivier Andriès, CEO of Safran, said:

“Safran has renewed its global framework agreement with IndustriALL Global Union, demonstrating our commitment to providing equitable working conditions, promoting diversity and gender equality, and following ethical business practices. We are pursuing implementation of our CSR strategy hand in hand with all employees, confirming our determination to have a positive influence on the societal and environmental changes taking place around the world.”

IndustriALL Global Union general secretay Atle Høie said:

“Global framework agreements are important instruments for IndustriALL Global Union to secure and promote workers’ and trade union rights in multinational companies and their supply chains. Safran, as one of the world’s largest aerospace suppliers, plays a key role in important emerging aerospace economies where topics such as human rights, social dialog, environmental protection are taking on ever greater importance. With this agreement we hope to work together with Safran to improve conditions for the workers to mutual benefit for both parties.”

The global monitoring committee set up under the previous GFA will continue to evaluate the way in which Safran’s commitments are effectively implemented. In addition, the GFA is structured and presented along the lines of the Group’s CSR strategy to make it easier to monitor and oversee.