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IndustriALL and TKE unions collaborate to empower workers

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31 July, 2023Working conditions, wages, social dialogue, workers’ and union rights, and the development of a global union council were items discussed at the IndustriALL Global Union, and TK Elevator (TKE) unions hybrid meeting. The Madrid meeting held on 11-12 July, served as a platform for robust discussions on national situations in TKE plants and around the objectives of the global union council (GUC) to enhance workers’ rights and strengthen social dialogue.

Wolfgang Krause, IG Metall works council representative and spokesperson of the TKE international committee said:

“The national situations in TKE plants demands our immediate attention. We must stand in solidarity with workers worldwide and take collective action to improve their working conditions, protect their rights, and ensure a fair and respectful workplace.”

The meeting also dedicated time to shaping the TKE global union council, a body that would provide a platform for workers and unions to voice their concerns, improve the working conditions, and advocate for workers’ rights on a global scale. Discussions focused on the committee’s structure, functions, and mechanisms for collaboration between unions and with TKE management.
This council holds immense potential to serve as leverage for workers and trade unions, providing them with tools and collective power to address their problems and seek viable solutions. Through meaningful engagement and social dialogue, the committee aims to foster an inclusive and respectful working environment for all TKE employees. 
Christine Olivier, IndustriALL’s assistant general secretary, said

“The formation of this council is a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering workers and protecting their rights within TKE. It will serve as a vital platform for worker representation, allowing them to actively participate in a decision-making process which impacts their lives.”

The meeting concluded with a declaration which calls on TKE affiliates to engage a consultation on a TKE global action day to raise awareness about pressing issues and demand change. It also urges management to acknowledge and address the concerns raised by workers and trade unions, promoting a culture of respect and collaboration.

“Today, we stand united in our determination to create a better future for TKE workers. Through the establishment of the global union committee and our collective efforts, we will strive to improve working conditions, protect workers' rights, and ensure their voices are heard. Together, we have the power to bring about positive change,”

said Christine Olivier.