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IndustriALL condemns the coup against democracy in Brazil

3 September, 2016IndustriALL Global Union condemns the coup against democracy in Brazil on 31 August, when the Brazilian Senate removed President Dilma Rousseff from office without presenting evidence that she has committed a crime and ignored people’s support for her.

“We condemn the coup in Brazil, which will lead to the dismantling of national and regional institutions created for the benefit of the people and the development of nations,” said Jorge Almeida, IndustriALL Regional Secretary.

Brazil has been the scene of dramatic political events accompanied by an economic crisis that has had a strong impact on workers. Rousseff, re-elected by 54 million people in 2014, was officially removed from office on 31 August, following an unlawful impeachment procedure.

Since the process began on 12 May, members of unions affiliated to IndustriALL in Brazil and throughout the world have denounced this attack on democracy. Removing President Rousseff from power is a coup because it ignores the sovereign will of the people.

IndustriALL president Berthold Huber said that the Brazilian Senate’s vote to begin the procedure to remove Rousseff set a dangerous anti-democratic precedent.

When IndustriALL’s Executive Committee met on 12 May in Frankfurt, Germany, its members approved a solidarity resolution with the Brazilian people and vigorously rejected the coup in the country.

The transitional government are introducing bills that attack workers' rights and seek to reverse advances made in recent years of struggle. The bills promote flexible labour relations, attack the pensions system and endorse outsourcing.

IndustriALL underlines its solidarity with workers in Brazil and condemns the coup against democracy, and will continue the fight to stop any attempt to attack labour and social rights.