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IndustriAll constitutes Women’s Committee

14 June, 2013The IndustriALL Women’s Committee was constituted in Frankfurt on 27 May 2013. Christine Olivier (Numsa, South Africa) was elected to chair the Committee and Gwenne Farrell (COPE, Canada) was elected as vice-chair.

The following work program was adopted to be pursued until the next Congress:

  • Maternity protection including health and safety
  • Violence
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Living Wage
  • Strengthening of women’s structures
  • Strengthening of links to the sectors
  • Equal Pay

In addition the integration of the gender perspective in other ongoing work has to be reinforced such as in the precarious work campaign. Precarious work is a fundamental issue where women are clearly the most affected.

The work program emerged on the basis of the action program adopted at the 2012 Congress as well as the Executive Committee’s program of activities. Moreover the two regional conferences held up to now in Singapore and Buenos Aires also developed their priorities which have been integrated into the work program. These efforts are important because the regional structures need to feed into the international structures.

In addition to the women who are members and substitutes of the Executive Committee, affiliates are also welcome to send members to attend the Women’s Committee on a regular basis.

Women and gender issues must be included at all IndustriALL meetings and conferences. And furthermore the women in IndustriALL must create networks in order to stay in permanent contact with each other.

It was decided that the Women’s Committee will meet before each Executive Committee meeting. Thus the next meeting will be 3 December in Tunis. The members of the Women’s Committee should send in by 1 October 2013 their suggestions for campaign themes as well as for activities for 2014 to Carol Bruce, IndustriALL’s Director for the Women’s Section at [email protected].

Finally, the women were reminded that IndustriALL will organize a World Women’s Conference in 2015. Those organizations interested in hosting the conference should make themselves known to the Secretariat as soon as possible.