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IndustriALL focuses on organizing, rights and political influence

14 December, 2012The Executive Committee of IndustriALL adopted a program of activities for 2013 focused on organizing, trade union rights and political influence at its meeting in Geneva on 12 and 13 December 2012.

Speaking about the plan for 2013, Jyrki Raina, General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union said, “We will launch a global organizing project, working together in all parts of the world and drawing on the expertise of unions working in especially hostile contexts.”
The activities for 2013 endorsed by the Executive Committee will include continued campaigning to STOP Precarious Work, to fight for trade union rights in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Colombia and wherever they are violated, and a campaign against the corporate power of Rio Tinto.
The meeting also debated a set of draft recommendations from IndustriALL’s World Conference on Global Framework Agreements and Trade Union Networks and agreed for further discussion on how agreements shall be signed and how they can be more effectively used in particularly anti-union locations.
The sector work in 2013 will continue to focus on building trade union networks in multinational companies, aimed a bringing shop stewards and union officials together in improving conditions for workers across companies and in their supply chains. Detailed plans for each of the sectors and the work being carried out through strategic supply chains with other Global Union Federations were presented to the meeting.
Union building projects will prioritize organizing, tackling precarious work, strengthening national union structures, promoting social dialogue and building networks. Women, youth, precarious and non-manual workers are the target groups for the project work, which will be centrally adjusted in 2013 to ensure coherence with the IndustriALL Action Plan.
Executive Committee members were also invited to support the work of IndustriALL by taking action through the IndustriALL website, subscribing to news and action requests and promoting the work of IndustriALL in their own union media channels.