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IndustriALL meets Bangladeshi government and lobbies for ratification of the Hong Kong Convention

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17 November, 2015An IndustriALL delegation met the Bangladeshi Ministry of Industries on 5 November 2015 to lobby for ratification of the convention.

Sector Vice-Chair V. V. Rane handed over the demands of the campaign explaining, “Bangladeshi ratification would be mutually beneficial to all parties. As shipping companies are under increasing pressure to have their ships recycled in a responsible manner, compliance with the Hong Kong Convention would bring investment, health and safety training, and business to Bangladeshi shipyards.”

The Ministry Secretary told the delegation that a Ship Recycling Act would be presented to parliament at the end of 2015, leading to ratification of the convention.

The reason given for a delay in ratification was that the Bangladeshi government did not want to ratify an act that it could not fully comply with yet. Therefore there has been and will continue to be a period of capacity building before ratification happens.

Bangladesh was one of the countries to originally propose the convention when it was established in the International Maritime Organization.