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IndustriALL supports Argentine unions in the face of attacks by far-right president Milei

22 January, 2024IndustriALL Global Union stands in solidarity with its Argentinean affiliates in their efforts to defend democracy and fundamental rights in the face of attacks by far-right President Javier Milei.

In a meeting between IndustriALL and Argentinean affiliates on 17 January, leaders outlined their plan to combat the measures and discussed the actions IndustriALL Global Union can take to promote international solidarity.

Javier Milei took office in December and his radical neoliberal reforms were not long in coming.  The National Emergency Decree (DNU according to its Spanish acronym) and the Omnibus Bill recently introduced in Congress include the repeal of hundreds of laws.

These measures attempt to dismantle the Argentine state and impose in one fell swoop a labour and constitutional reform that would result in the suppression of the right to strike, the criminalisation of social protest and the denial of other fundamental rights. 

Although the Argentinean courts recently suspended the labour reform included in the DNU as a result of an injunction filed by the three national centres, the unions remain gravely concerned. 

"We have to take to the streets in massive numbers to put a stop to these abuses," they said, referring to the strike called for 24 January. 

Regional Secretary Marino Vani expressed IndustriALL's unconditional support:

"We know that Argentinean unions are very strong. They are a bastion of resistance against the current government's agenda - an agenda of privatization, abolition of labour and constitutional rights, surrender of resources and sovereignty, deindustrialization, unemployment and poverty. An agenda in which the main winner is big capital". 

"In this battle, unity of action and solidarity are more important than ever. IndustriALL will be with you every step of the way,"

he emphasized. 

The meeting took place at AOMA headquarters with the participation of leaders from AOMA, CNTI, FATIQyP, FATLYF, FETIA, SMATA, STIGAN and UOM.