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IndustriALL welcomes the creation of the Trade Union of Industry Workers of Russia

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28 April, 2017Three major Russian unions have merged to form the Trade Union of Industry Workers of Russia (ROSPROFPROM). The unions are Trade Union of Defense Workers of Russia, the Textile Workers' Union of Russia and IndustriALL affiliate the Engineering Workers' Union of Russia.

On 18 April, an extraordinary congress of the Textile Workers' Union of Russia and Engineering Workers' Union of Russia was held. Congress resolved to merge with the Trade Union of Defense Workers of Russia.

In turn, the Trade Union of Defense Workers of Russia adopted at the extraordinary congress a decision to reorganize with the accession of the two unions. The successful merger process has resulted in the creation of ROSPROFPROM that unites about 400,000 workers.

On 19 April, the congress of the reorganized union approved the statutes, the symbolism, the action plan 2017-2022 and the resolutions "On legal status of members of trade unions", "On social partnership", "On legal protection of trade union members", "On labour protection", and "On financial provision of the activities of the union". In addition, delegates elected the leadership and approved the central committee and the audit committee membership.

President of ROSPROFPROM Andrey Chekmenyov stated:

“I hope that by becoming bigger, the union will more effectively carry out its trade union work. Territorial organizations must significantly improve their status. We will create one large, strong territorial organization in areas where now there are three organizations.”

In the near future ROSPROFPROM will legally complete the merger process, register the statutes and align its structure. The union will continue the previously planned activity on the campaign for collective bargaining and preparation for demonstrations on 1 May.

There are currently 42 sectoral trade unions in Russia. According to Andrey Chekmenyov, the present merger might herald future reorganizations and mergers.

IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches welcomed the establishment of ROSPROFPROM in his letter:

“We are looking forward to working together with you, as the new Trade Union of Industry Workers of Russia, to promote and defend fundamental workers’ rights, including the right to organize, and collective bargaining, in Russia and all over the world”.