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4 December, 2014As recent mobilizations demonstrate the power of global solidarity, this edition of IndustriALL Global Union’s “Global Worker” looks at some significant union struggles and how global worker solidarity can make all the difference when facing these struggles.

The Global Worker feature “Campaigning, organizing and winning” puts the spotlight on some of the latest frontline battles waged by IndustriALL and it’s affiliates. From Cambodian unions fighting to increase poverty wages, to America’s Autoworkers (UAW) organizing workers in the union-hostile Southern US, this feature takes a look at how unions are taking a strategic approach to achieve success. 

IndustriALL’s Stop Precarious Work campaign saw the biggest ever affiliate participation this year. The Global Worker special report looks at how unions are fighting back by limiting precarious work through collective bargaining agreements and legislation.

Readers will find a number of profiles in this issue of Global Worker, one on the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) fighting for Australian workers and another profile on Alejandra Ancheita, a Mexican human rights lawyer putting her life on the line for workers. Since this edition coincides with IndustriALL’s Executive Committee meeting in Tunisia, one of the profiles takes a glimpse of how Tunisian trade unions are paving the way to stability.

Also take a look at IndustriALL’s interview with Sharan Burrow, “The world needs a pay rise”.

While women unionists work in traditionally male-dominated fields, a report on women in Latin America gives a snapshot of how they are leading within their union structures despite the discrimination that they face.

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