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Israel: union pressure prompts suspension of proposed legislation

31 March, 2023On 27 March, IndustriALL affiliate Histadrut, which is the largest trade union organization in the country, called for a general strike to stop new proposed legislation, which plans to overhaul the judiciary system. 

Under the new proposals, the government would control the appointment of judges, and parliament would gain the power to override Supreme Court decisions. These changes would threaten the foundation of Israeli democracy. 
Histadrut immediately called off the general strike after Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the suspension of the proposed legislation.  The Prime Minister said that parliament will return to this decision after a recess which is set to start 2 April. 
Histadrut chairman congratulated everyone for this result and said:

“I thank all the partners in the movement: the heads of the economy and the representatives of the employers, the heads of the worker committees, the workers, the members of the Histadrut leadership, and the workers of the Histadrut. Together we will return the state of Israel to the right path.”

IndustriALL general secretary, Alte Høie, says

“while we were preparing to give support and solidarity to our sisters and brothers in Histadrut, we received this good news. IndustriALL believes that Histadrut made the final push in this decision, which shows its strength and influence. This legislative work must be completely abandoned. The proposed law would have set the Israeli justice system back many years and would have robbed the people of a fair justice system. We stand in solidarity with the Israeli people and Histadrut in fighting for their dignity and rights.”

IndustriALL Global Union has five affiliates from Histadrut in metal, electrical, eletronic, textile, garment, leather, pharmaceutical, energy, packaging sectors and engineering and technician professions.