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Italian unions negotiate a Just Transition agreement with ENI

10 February, 2021In December last year, IndustriALL affiliates Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl, Uiltec Uil, signed an agreement with oil company ENI to face the energy transition ahead together.

ENI and Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl, Uiltec Uil have agreed on a protocol to serve as a framework for discussions on the effects on human resources of ENI’s new business structure, as the company prepares to significantly reduce its carbon footprint in the next 30 years.

The objective of the protocol is to share and govern the challenge of energy transition through a anticipatory and inclusive model that looks at both economic and social sustainability, and puts work at the centre; the only way to make the transition socially acceptable and to preserve jobs.

“This protocol reinforces the participatory paths of industrial relations, which are essential to govern the effects of the current health emergency and to manage a sustainable energy transition. It is needed to safeguard existing jobs and prepare the 'new work' and the workers of the future,”

says Nora Garofalo, FEMCA CISL general secretary.

The changes require a social dialogue model characterized by preliminary consultation. At national level there will be a joint strategy committee that meets twice a year, a health and safety committee that meets four times a year, and a welfare committee to discuss and promote the possibility of additional measures to support and assist workers and their families.
At international level, the follow up will be done through the global monitoring committee of the Global Framework Agreement, the European works council, and the European observatory for health, safety and environment, which meet annually.
Antonio Pepe, Filctem Cgil secretary for the energy sector, says:

“The new industrial relations protocol at ENI is a constructive tool for tackling the energy transition and ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability. This is a challenge, and we will hold the company to account.”

The protocol also covers the digital transformation, giving people a leading role in the move to new ways of working. It regulates contractors and subcontractors, promotes and ensures health and safety in the workplace, bans forced labour, and safeguards freedom of association and collective bargaining.

"This protocol is important, because together with the company we will be able to tackle the long and challenging journey of change,”

says Paolo Pirani, UILTEC UIL, general secretary.
IndustriALL energy director Diana Junquera Curiel says:

“We congratulate our affiliates for reaching an agreement that ensures ongoing communication and negotiation between the social partners during the change process, thus enabling a Just Transition for workers.

“The agreement can serve as an example for many other unions and companies in different countries and sectors. Various parts can be adapted for a the global level, which undoubtedly enriches the global framework agreement IndustriALL has signed with ENI.”