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7 October, 2015On the occasion of the World Day of Decent Work the IndustriALL Japanese affiliates organized a number of actions on 7 October.

On October 6, 2015, Japanese Trade Union Confederation, JTUC-RENGO 14th National Convention, all the delegates of the National Convention stood up to take action for respond to ITUC's World Day for Decent Work. While JTUC-RENGO took action, one of IndustriALL affiliates in Japan, Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions got gather to organizing a session for national campaign on "STOP! Precarious Work!" at the venue of JTUC-RENGO National Convention.

In addition, trainees of JCM Labor Leadership Course also took action on "Stop! Precarious Work!" at the training facility in Kyoto. Including Brother Yasunobu Aihara, President of JCM and Vice President, Executive Committee members, representatives of industrial federations and officers of JCM attended these activitie

On the occasion of the World Day of Decent Work the IndustriALL affiliate Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers’ Unions, UA ZENSEN, demanded “Decent Work for ALL!”, especially for youth and women.

Women and youth members showed their commitments for Decent Work with flyers at the National Assemblies of both the Committee for Promoting Gender Equality and the Youth Committee.

The agenda of promoting Decent Work are linked to a series of challenges especially women and youth are currently facing, including more stable employment and better working conditions for precarious workers and promoting gender equality at work.

Women and youth leaders re-affirmed to continue taking actions, and at the same time it was a good opportunity for a broad range of leaders to deepen their understandings on the difficult situation in developing countries and the importance of Decent Work.