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Japan's unions add their weight to Mexico action

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28 February, 2013On 22 February, a delegation from IndustriALL affiliates of Japan (JCM, IndustriALL・JAF, UA Zensen) handed over a letter to Mexican embassy, calling on the below demands and discussed the labor situation in Mexico.

-Provide justice for the families of the 65 miners killed at Pasta de Conchos on 19 February 2006;
-End the use of employer-dominated protection contracts, which deny workers the right to democratic representation and collective bargaining;
-Repeal the labour law enacted on 1 December 2012 that encourages dismissal of union activists, increases subcontracting, and leads to the massive expansion of precarious employment; and
-Reinstate unlawfully fired union activists (SME, PKC, Vidriera de Potosi/Grupo Modelo, Honda, Calzado Sandak/Bata) and allow free and fair elections (PKC, Excellon, Honda, Atento).

In addition to that, Brother Nishihara, president of JCM insisted to the Mexican embassy that Mexican authorities ensure the safe return of SNTMMSRM’s General Secretary Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, to Mexico from Canada where he is in exile, and act upon the recommendations of the ILO (case no.2694). He also joined the international trade union movement in raising a protest against the violations of workers and trade unions rights in Mexico, IndustriALL affiliates of Japan (JCM, IndustriALL・JAF, UA Zensen) demanded that the Mexican authorities to correct these situations.

Although the discussion failed to reach an agreement, the Mexican embassy promised the delegation to convey trade union demands to the Mexican government immediately.